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The Aircraft Factory, 100 Cambridge Grove, London, W6 0LE, United Kingdom
+44 (0)20 3376 9500
  • Size: Boutique
  • Year founded: 2003

About ClearPeople

ClearPeople develops software for the modern digital workplace. Founded in 2003 by Katya Linossi and Gabriel Karawani, ClearPeople has grown rapidly by providing software and services tailored to the evolving modern digital workplace.

Our unique experience and expertise working with knowledge-intensive organisations inspired us to innovate and push the boundaries when we developed Atlas – the next generation, people-first digital workspace. Atlas is loved by over 100,00 employees from well-known global enterprises to organisations who invest in their people.

Knowledge, communication and collaboration are beautifully brought together in one place where people can easily find and share information, accelerate the adoption of new processes and vastly increases employee collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Atlas is built on and for Office 365, providing a wide range of benefits for organisations with over 250 employees. It gives users simple yet faster access to information to contribute more and deliver better outcomes. We use cutting edge AI and automation technologies bringing future-proof digital workspaces to everyone.

ClearPeople is a multi-Gold Microsoft Competency partner and cloud solution provider with headquarters in London, UK. ClearPeople and Atlas has been recognised by the wider industry winning numerous awards including the prestigious Nielsen Norman Group annual intranet design award.

We believe that good technology can make the complicated simple. This belief fills our day-to-day thoughts. That is why we’re called ClearPeople.

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Knowledge management, digital workplace, intranet, office 365, Microsoft Teams, collaboration platforms, business processes, intranet software, knowledge productivity platform.

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