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The Change Maker Group

West Moors, Dorset, United Kingdom
  • Size: Boutique
  • Year founded: 2015

About The Change Maker Group

The Change Maker Group is a diverse collective of change experts who share an approach and passion for enabling your organisation to succeed.

Change is what we do and why we choose to work together. What makes our approach both unique and valuable is our commitment to creating change makers within your organisation.

Change will continue long after we have completed our experiential work, driven by change makers within your organisation and underpinned by a culture of change.

Clients enjoy working with our positive attitude, our new and sometimes edgy ideas, our inspiration, pragmatism, integrity and above all, our desire to make change fun.

Your organisation’s requirements are unique to you. We will draw from a vast range of expertise and knowledge that will create a solution that fits, helping you to deliver considered, targeted change that will endure.

If you are interested in change, or work in the change environment, please join our LinkedIn Group, The Change Maker Group, where we will share insights, ideas and inspiration for public and private sector organisations.

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Change Strategy, Leadership Development, Culture Change, Mastermind Groups, Motivation & Engagement, Teambuilding, Work Life Balance, Workforce Development, Executive Coaching, Facilitation, Building Resilience, Mastering Time, Networking Strategies & Skills, Leadership Development, Programme Management, Personal resilience, Organisational development, Organisational design, Delivering change.

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