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Dartford, Kent, United Kingdom
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About CartAssist

Digital Customer Engagement through Cart Assist Your customers are changing and so are the ways in which they need support.

Cart Assist is a digital customer engagement solution which delivers first time resolution to your customers in real-time through cognitive AI led online self-service tools which include virtual assistance, intelligent routing, NLP based search, conversational chat bot solutions and dynamic task guidance.

Deploy Cart Assist across your entire digital estate, on any touchpoint and start deflecting low-value, unwanted contact whilst delighting your customers with actionable, real-time assistance in self-service. – Reduce demand on the contact centre by up to 40% Answer low-value, repetitive and unwanted enquiry in self-service – Drive conversion by up to 25% Gain and retain customers by delivering first time resolution in real time – Learn the Voice of the Customer Powerful VoC customer experience analytics allow you to understand the “Why” behind customer frustration.

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Digital Retail Assistant, Dynamic FAQ, Self Service, Conversion Rate Optimisation, CRO, Knowledge Base, Customer Experience, Digital Customer Engagement, Virtual Assistant, AI, Artificial Intelligence, NLP, Natural Language Processing, Digital Self-Service, CX.

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