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About Bob Cotton

I am a senior leader who brings people together to deliver transformational change. I apply critical thinking and perceptive strategies to create a shared sense of purpose for stakeholders. I’m recognised for orchestrating and nurturing cultures that enable people to perform at their best and grow. I drive effective governance with perspective and flexibility to ensure outcomes are met.

I have led customer-driven international technology businesses for over 20 years with strong achievements in performance management, strategy delivery and governance. I have a proven track record of turning businesses around and building strong relationships with world-leading multinational clients.

I have extensive experience of delivering major digital transformation programmes for business-critical operations across a range of industries. I have a passion for coaching individuals and team development, with significant exposure to many cultures and complex environments.

I’m looking to use my skills and experience to help businesses and people in the following ways:

CHANGE: digital transformation, business strategy development and delivery
PEOPLE: executive coaching, leadership team development
GOVERNANCE: business leadership and management, digital transformation

I have specialist skills and experience in the following areas:
1. Creating the conditions to enable and govern successful digital transformation.
2. Developing and delivering growth strategies for technology and services businesses.
3. Bringing people and technology together to deliver customer-driven outcomes.
4. Coaching technology and business leaders facing challenges with digital transformation, personal development or business change.
5. Stakeholder management and relationship building in a multi-culture and complex environments.

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digital transformation, leadership, stakeholder management, governance, managing change, orchestrating transformation

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