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Oklahoma, USA
  • Size: Medium
  • Year founded: 1986

About BIS

Established in 1986, BIS solves data extraction and integration problems for organizations who demand more from their data.

Headquartered in Oklahoma, BIS has achieved national recognition with a software platform called Grooper.

Built-in machine learning, natural language processing, and advanced classification capabilities make Grooper a powerful data sciences and data integration platform.

Leveraging Grooper, BIS is achieving rapid growth through strategic partnerships and industry-first solutions in healthcare, oil and gas, education, financial services, and government.

Our history as a data integration company dates back to the days when microform scanning and conversion was the big deal.

Although we’re best known for Grooper, we started off as Business Imaging Systems in 1986.

Over the years, we’ve created intelligent document processing solutions for every industry, for every county in our state, and beyond.

We were (and still are) a reseller for all the big names in document capture, scanning, electronic content management, and data center storage.

But at the height of our success, we faced a problem.

It was a tragedy that would affect our company, employees, and customers for years to come. And if we didn’t face it head-on, we’d lose everything were fighting for. . .

A Big Transition
Although the decision we made was entirely our own, in some ways our hand was forced.

From the earliest days, we’ve lived by our mantra: “tackle the hardest projects that deliver the most valuable, substantial, and measurable business impact.”

Committed to doing the hard things, the crossroads we came to challenged us to do something a reseller had never been done before:

Become a software company.

And the tragedy that started it all? Failing innovation in the document capture world. Stuck with technology that couldn’t meet customer demand, our choice was to either continue writing endless code to patch aging software, or start all over.

We chose to start all over and develop a software with an aspiration to match our mantra. . .

A Better Way to Develop Software

Two guiding principles would steer Grooper’s success:

No Outside Funding

1) We believed that success hinged upon our 30+ years of experience as a data integration company – not the whims of outside investors.
2) 100% Internal Development
By building our own software development team, we would remain agile, responsive, and fully in control over all stages of product development.

At no point have we ever outsourced code development.

Because we’re BIS and because we’re also Grooper, we bring something unique to data integration:

First and foremost, we develop software that meets our own rigorous demands. We still tackle the hardest projects we can find.

But now, instead of writing add-on code, we enhance Grooper with the innovations that modern business demands.

Secondly, our history in the industry gives us an (almost) unfair advantage. Because we’ve been there, we know what works, and what doesn’t.

The Most Important Ingredient and An Invitation to You

And you wouldn’t know us if you didn’t know something about our people – the wonderful folks that have brought us along this journey.

With an employee retention rate of over 98%, we’re all committed to the long haul, and to your success.

With headquarters in Silicon Prairie’s Oklahoma City, we’re an easy flight from you.

Stop by, meet our team, and join the family!


The Key to Our Success
We also thank the thousands of customers and partner community for your support, and especially for the challenges you’ve brought our way.

You’ve put your trust in us, and together we’ve tackled some very difficult projects (and in many cases, achieved what should have been impossible).

We remain committed to solving the hardest problems that provide the greatest outcomes, whether that’s increasing profits, or being a better steward of precious resources.

We hope you’ll follow us on LinkedIn where we share the majority of company updates and fresh new content in the world of intelligent document processing and data integration.

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