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BCG Digital Ventures

Manhattan Beach, California, USA
  • Size: Large
  • Year founded: 2013

About BCG Digital Ventures

BCG Digital Ventures is a corporate investment and incubation firm. We invent, build, scale and invest in startups with the world’s most influential companies. We share risk and invest alongside our corporate and startup partners via a range of collaborative options.

Founded in 2014, we have seven major Innovation and Investment Centers in Manhattan Beach, Berlin, London, New York, Sydney, Shanghai and Tokyo and several Labs, or satellite locations, including Silicon Valley and Seattle, with more locations opening in the coming quarters.

Our Centers and Labs are home to a diverse range of entrepreneurs, operators and investors who are building businesses, creating and expanding markets and developing new technologies that benefit millions of people across the globe.

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Digital Innovation, Commercialization, Product Development, Ventures, Strategic Design, Data Science, Product Management, Startups, Corporate Innovation.

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