Barry Flack – C-Suite Fractional Advisor

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Barry Flack – C-Suite Fractional Advisor

Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom
  • Size: Interim Consultancy
  • Year founded: 1993

About Barry Flack – C-Suite Fractional Advisor

Barry Flack is a seasoned Global HR Executive, leader, and strategist with a diverse background in various HR roles at the board level. With a passion for helping businesses adapt to the evolving world of work, Barry has expanded his expertise to encompass roles such as writer, speaker, advisor, lecturer, and consultant. As a Fractional HR Executive, Interim Professional, Board Advisor, and HR Tech Advisor, Barry specializes in guiding CEOs of SMEs through the complexities of the modern workplace.

Barry excels in:

  • Problem-Solving Expertise: Developing successful people strategies for hyper-growth startups and overseeing retail brand launches in the USA while optimizing offshore operations.
  • HR Technology Alignment: Aligning HR technology investments with organizational needs for sustainable success and providing insights to HR vendors for successful integration of technology solutions.
  • Change Management Mastery: Offering nuanced solutions tailored to complex scenarios to avoid costly pitfalls and inspiring critical thinking and decisive action at all organizational levels.
  • Network Utilization: Leveraging a vast network to foster innovation and diverse perspectives while breaking through silos hindering traditional problem-solving approaches.
  • Execution Excellence: Translating ambitious ideas into tangible results with a strong focus on implementation and demonstrating a proven track record of delivering on strategic initiatives effectively.

Barry’s approach is characterized by a focus on ambitious ideas coupled with a strong emphasis on execution. His proven track record demonstrates his ability to translate vision into tangible results, making him a valuable partner for organizations seeking strategic HR guidance and effective implementation of transformative initiatives.

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People and Change. Digital HR & Recruitment Solutions, HRTech, Culture.

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