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Leier City Center (Arzenál) , Wesselényi street 6, Győr, 9024 , Hungary
  • Size: Boutique
  • Year founded: 2010

About Attrecto

Attrecto – a Deloitte Fast 50 Company – was founded in 2010, clients come because we are innovators in developing next tech digital experiences — developing and applying new/emerging B2C and B2B mobile, web, digital technologies, and apps in ingenious and powerful ways.

Delivering special client value extending far beyond the code itself. Our name Attrecto means “touch”​ (refers to the interface between the human user and the code), enabling us to  produce user-easy, intuitive, friendly apps truly enjoyed by people for their look, feel, colors and functionality – not just merely “used.”​

⦿ We bring global capabilities and experience:
– over 100 projects for some of the great global customer brand names such as Audi, Telenor, SAP, GE, AIG, Humana, Vodafone, Mercedes Benz, Microsoft, Kaiser Permanente, PricewaterhouseCoopers,
– for some of the most respected digital agencies in Europe and the US,
– for midsized companies, smaller enterprises, and startups.

⦿ We offer three competitively advantaged bottom-line client benefits:
– Significant client cost savings and time accelerated solutions: deliver a documented 40% cost-advantaged compared to US average rates
– Industry rare 6-month service guarantee for certain development projects
– Service and billing models with maximum project flexibility for clients

⦿ Three service areas:
– Digital Discovery and Value Creation – comprehensive and complete pre-development phase
– Technology Consulting
– Custom Web and Mobile App/Software development

⦿ Driving Client Success
– Develop and apply the latest technologies – innovatively
– Engineering client business growth – through digital value creation
– Create custom B2C and B2B web and mobile applications
– Digital client enablers – Team as a Service

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Custom Software Development, Team as a Service, Digital Discovery, Technology Consulting, Technology R&D, Digital Transformation, and Website development.

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