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Angela Prentner-Smith

Glasgow, United Kingdom
  • Size: Interim Consultancy
  • Year founded: 2015

About Angela Prentner-Smith

Angela Prentner-Smith is a highly skilled, inspiring and innovative digital leader, with first-hand experience across industries, domains and programmes. A first class problem solver and communicator, Angela is able to mobilise people towards goals.

With an unwavering dedication to customer and human-focused design and change within organisations, she has the leadership ability, strategic thinking and problem-solving skills needed to transform businesses. Angela has rare experience, in that she has been involved in digital change and transformation end to end within a business – not just front end.

Angela is not only a skilled practitioner in research, service and experience design, strategy, product management and business analysis. She is a business leader and natural entrepreneur, she founded and runs This is Milk, an award-winning consultancy and training provider.

Having identified, researched, designed and developed the Digital Transformation Programme which tackled the skills gaps in facilitative roles such as business analysis, and focusing on the future skills crisis, Angela has re-defined This is Milk as a training provider with a unique scalable product. This has enabled her to pursue new challenges through consultancy and contract roles.

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Digital leadership, research, service and experience design, strategy, product management, business analysis

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