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Zug, Switzerland
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  • Year founded: 2022

About ANDfutureproof AG

We are a Business AND Innovation Ecosystem Consultancy. We co-own our business. We exist to enable the transformation to decentralise business models and organisations. We support you in…

1/ Ecosystem Strategy, Design and Execution

2/ Manage running Business and Ecosystems simultaneously

3/ Ecosystem Expansion through innovation and M&A

We operate with a transparent subscription based model that allows you to get done what needs to get done fast, rather than negotiating hidden hourly rate cards. You get our unconditional commitment to YOUR ecosystem cause.

You get obsessed, seasoned entrepreneurs, (financial) analysts, strategists, innovators, product owners, storytellers, community managers, coaches, content creators to support and guide you and your teams. So, your organisation can be a thriving orchestrator or contributor of ecosystems. Go anywhere you want to, but always know where you are going!

Your Challenges

Does this sound familiar and relevant to you?

Business Architecture
  • Platforms and ecosystems outperform you.
  • Struggle to find resources for growth initiatives.
  • Strategy is more like rolling financial planning.
Culture, Teams & Leadership
  • Still competition and industry only focused.
  • Little understanding what platform and ecosystem play requires.
  • Too slow, hierarchical without learning mindset in a data-driven future
Strategy and Execution
  • Your platform and ecosystem engagements do not thrive on network effects.
  • Partners find it hard to create value right aways – there are no healthy communities.
  • There are blind spots and lack of customer data and insights.
Mission Control
  • You do not know which metrics to focus on in different stages of digital business models.
  • There is no clarity and transparency, whether partners are satisfied.
  • “Dreaming” of ecosystem success without taking structured iterative improvements and actions.
Ecosystem Expansion
  • Your innovation efforts do not leverage the outside systematically.
  • No ”standardised way how we innovate around here” leading to no evidence-based early killing of low potential initiatives.
  • You “simply” acquire new companies and your integration track record is not great.
Ecosystem Bundles

What most clients ask for and need. Simple packages that will help you get started!

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