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Reading, Berkshire, United Kingdom
  • Size: Medium
  • Year founded: 2013

About AllChange Strategic Consulting

AllChange Strategic Consulting is a boutique strategic change consultancy. We have deep expertise in Corporate Vision, Strategy Visualization and Business Simplification – all designed to:

  • Strengthen, broaden & enrich strategic delivery planning,
  • Translate strategy into meaningful execution, and;
  • Generate strategic communications & engagement that both enable and support follow-through change delivery.

Our ability to build a cohesive senior consensus is second to none. We have developed specialist transformation products that;

  • Deliver a uniquely innovative visualization process: Our clients often do not have the time, space or even know-how to think effectively. AllChange combines a highly collaborative and knowledge-rich virtual environment with expert facilitation to incubate, develop and land our clients thinking on to the ground in a rich and deeply meaningful way. The clarity of understanding and the insight gained has a profoundly positive impact on follow-on planning, implementation and engagement activity because everyone is working on the same page, and;
  • Produce transformation assets that are ‘built to be used’​: The transformation assets (or tools) we produce enable technical and non-technical stakeholders to engage in the design debate whilst on the journey of change. Similar to providing a compass and map to effectively navigate, the tools help individuals and teams to understand what success looks and feels like – providing focus, and guiding decision-making, prioritization and behavioural change.

We are experts at bringing strategy to life in a way that connects with peoples heads, hearts and hands. Making strategy everyone’s business through a broader strategic delivery planning toolset, including the use of story and pictures – removing technical jargon and management speak – ensuring the messaging is clearly understood, identified with and believed in.

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Corporate Vision, Strategy Visualization, Business Simplification, Strategic Planning, Target Operating Model Visualization, Strategic Leadership Development, Accelerated Solution Workshops, R&D Innovation, Strategic Change, Cultural & Behavioral Change, High Performing Teams, Strategic Communications & Engagement , High Performance Collaboration, Innovation Networks, and Innovation Culture & Environment

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