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About Alex Smith – Basic Arts

Alex Smith is the best selling author of ‘No Bullsh*t Strategy’ and founder of Basic Arts, a strategy consulting firm that helps consumer brands achieve total strategic clarity and escape competition. Alex’s mission is to help founders and CEOs get clear on their strategy and execute it effortlessly across their entire business.The key services and ways Alex Smith helps his customers include:

  • Providing total strategic clarity for consumer brands who want to escape competition
  • Helping clients know the unique value they bring, how to articulate it, and have the confidence to attack it in a way that captures the imagination and leaves competitors behind
  • Assisting clients in achieving strategic advantage by doing things differently and seeing things differently
  • Delivering a weekly newsletter called “The Hidden Path” that provides new strategic ideas most people don’t know or understand, which clients can use to create and collect massive value
  • Offering transformational strategy solutions to help businesses realize their full potential
  • Leveraging his expertise as a published author and experienced strategy consultant to provide high-impact strategic clarity and execution for his clients

Overall, Alex Smith and Basic Arts are focused on empowering consumer brands to achieve remarkable success by developing unparalleled strategic clarity, confidence, and the ability to differentiate themselves in their markets.

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