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Hale, United Kingdom
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About Alastair Horn

Dr. Alastair Horn is the founder of Transformation Solutions, a company that specializes in guiding organizations through complex transformations and change initiatives. With a wealth of experience as a transformation director, program director, and executive coach, Alastair brings a unique blend of expertise to his clients.


  • Extensive experience in senior leadership roles, including sitting on executive teams and holding transformation and program delivery positions across various sectors, particularly in regulated financial services.
  • A rare combination of technical expertise, business acumen, and coaching skills, enabling him to effectively lead complex initiatives and nurture talent.
  • A proven track record of successfully managing large-scale transformation programs, with oversight of budgets ranging from £3 million to £200 million and teams of 3 to 300 members.
  • Formal accreditation as an International Coaching Federation (ICF) Associate Certified Coach (ACC), complementing his hands-on experience in executive and team coaching and mentoring.
  • A strategic mindset, striking a balance between risk and reward in complex change initiatives and facilitating team problem-solving.


  • Major Transformation Program Management
    • Establishment, management, review, and governance of £10-100 million transformation programs.
    • Program rescue and realignment towards common goals.
  • Technology Implementation and Migration
    • Implementation of core technology platforms (e.g., core banking systems)
    • Data migration and decommissioning, while helping clients avoid common pitfalls.
  • Agile Capability Building
    • Developing agile capacity and capability to deliver results and align efforts.
  • Regulatory Compliance and Confidence Building
    • Working with boards and regulators to help clients gain or sustain confidence.
    • Building self-confidence within organisations.
  • Executive Coaching and Mentoring
    • Clarifying purpose, storytelling, and communicating the transformation journey.
    • Identifying complex issues, roots causes and developing action plans.
    • Empowering leaders and teams to overcome challenges and achieve excellence.
    • (Re-)building business partner relationships and navigating crises.
  •  Tech savvy, hands-on delivery experience 
    • Effectively frame, lead and rescue complex initiatives and nurture talent.

With his extensive experience, expertise, and proven track record, Alastair Horn and Transformation Solutions Ltd are invaluable partners for organizations seeking to drive transformation, foster innovation, and create sustainable value in today’s dynamic landscape.

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Transformation, financial services, value creation, programme direction, change management, coaching and mentoring.

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