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Agrahyah Technologies

Mumbai, India
  • Size: Boutique
  • Year founded: 2016

About Agrahyah Technologies

Based in Mumbai, India, we at Agrahyah Technologies (AT) are a software technology startup. Since our inception in late 2016, we are building a suite of mobile apps, products, and content ground-up for the millions of Indians who are non-English literates.Our philosophy at AT is to build products that are culturally and contextually relevant to people. ‘Calculator for India’ is a free Android app on Google Play Store which works in 11 Indian languages & has GST rates. is a lifestyle & entertainment portal, MyNews is a soon to be launched app that lets you keep track of people, places, and things in language of your choice.With a vision to make technology accessible to everyone, team AT is taking the path less travelled on India’s digital landscape, by planning to localise the internet for the non-English masses in a country where the dialect changes every 50 kilometres, we are placing an audacious bet to break the language barrier and make Digital India truly inclusive.


Language Technologies, Mobile Applications, Web Portal, and Android Apps

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