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Academy of Cyber Security

London, United Kingdom
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  • Year founded: 2019

About Academy of Cyber Security

World-class cyber security academy. Begin your cyber security career & don’t pay anything until you’re earning over £30k.

A 16-week accredited cyber security training academy offering members world-class education, one-to-one mentoring whenever they need it, and excellent employment opportunities.

Learn from anywhere with online, live classes and obtain leading cyber security certifications along the way.

The best bit… you won’t pay a penny until you’re earning over £30,000!

The Academy of Cyber Security was developed by leading UK cyber security professionals, academic experts, and global cyber security employers.

We don’t get paid until you’re in high-paying employment, so we do everything we can to make sure you land your dream job.

  • World-class & accredited curriculum
  • Mentoring & career consultancy
  • Incredible tutors with real-life experience
  • No up-front costs
  • Includes leading certifications (CompTIA, EC-Council, ISACA, & more)
  • Learn from anywhere. Live, online classes alongside fortnightly in-person bootcamps

Visit our website to learn more and begin your application.

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