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Lisboa, Portugal
  • Size: Boutique
  • Year founded: 2016

About A2D Consulting

A2D Consulting is a digital transformation consulting firm that provides solutions and services to help traditional organisations re-invent their business models and develop the competences and depth of knowledge needed to achieve excellence in digital business.

A2D Consulting helps your organization to define a cross-organizational digital strategy and execute impactful digital initiatives that position your organization ahead of the competition.

A2D is an acronym that represents the expected 3 key goals to be achieved by our customers:

  1. Transform organisations from Analog 2 Digital Businesses
  2. Evolve people’s skills from Apprentices 2 Digital Gurus
  3. Achieve leadership by Aspiring 2 Digital Excellence

For more information about our methodology, services and customers visit us at www.a2d-consulting.com

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Digital Consultancy, Digital Training, Digital Reseach, Digital Events, Digital Transformation, Ecommerce, Digital Marketing, Digital Skills Assessment, Digital Strategy, Digital Audits, Digital Workshop, Content Management.

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