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Fairfax, Virginia, USA
  • Size: Large
  • Year founded: 2006

About 3Pillar Global

3Pillar Global is a new breed of digital product development company.

We are borne from the world of hands-on software engineering and place an acute focus on business growth. 3Pillar’s key differentiator is what we call the Product Mindset.

Our development teams are empowered to focus on the business problems clients face and how a digital product will impact their customers. All 3Pillar team members around the globe are trained on the Product Mindset’s core values – Build for Outcomes, Minimize Time to Value, and Excel at Change.

Our teams apply this mindset to build digital products that are customer-facing, drive revenue, and monetize content and data. We work with clients at any stage of the product development process to help ensure what we choose to build together has the desired impact.

Our business-minded approach to agile development ensures that we align to client goals from the earliest conceptual stages through market launch and beyond.

For current job openings in the US, Cluj-Napoca, Iasi, Noida, or Timisoara, please visit our Careers site at https://careers.3pillarglobal.com.

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Product Strategy, Product Development, Product Architecture, Mobile Apps, Big Data, Cloud development, SaaS, iOS, Android, Information Services, Security, .NET, Healthcare, Media, Education, Financial Services, QA and Testing, and Mission Critical Applications

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