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Building Products For Maximum Impact – Lean Startup Co.
Lean Startup Co. Education Program·15 August 2018·Delivery
...he was a product manager on the driver team at Uber. At both companies he’s learned that successful products start with a relentless focus on solving customer problems. Vasily developed Read More...· 40 Shares
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Digital Strategy Vs. Digital Transformation
Braden Kelley·2 May 2017·Strategy & Innovation
...Uber, and with good reason, because such companies have changed the lexicon and the way that we think about entire categories of products and services. Whether or not you believe Read More...· 1,087 Shares
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Die Megashifts und die Zukunft von Mensch und Maschine
Gerd Leonhard·23 October 2017·Thought Leaders
...hat die Taxiunternehmen verdrängt und dabei dem Fahrgast, aber auch den Fahrern und anderen Uber-Mitarbeitern viele Vorteile gebracht. Aber im Laufe dieser Entwicklung ist Uber selbst zu einer großen Marktmacht Read More...· 80 Shares
Digital Disruption and Transformation Strategies
·9 September 2018·The Case For Digital Transformation
...the lives of customers. UBER AND DIGITAL DISRUPTION Over the last few years, Uber has proved a sufficient example of how digital disruption can cause an overhaul of the market Read More...· 0 Shares
Anticipating the disruptive strategy of market entrants
John Hagel·18 December 2017·Thought Leaders
...likes of Uber and Airbnb. It has also been noted that these soaring valuations are on paper only and represent a break from traditional pre-2000 valuation models.6 “Exponential organizations,” a Read More...· 12 Shares