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Expectations of a modern day CFO

My expectations of a modern day CFO

By Jens Harsaae

Deep learning, Blockchain, Initial Coin Offerings, Hackathons, Robotic Process Automation, software-defined networks, exponential development, Minimum…

Capability cultivation Enterprise Digital Transformation

Capability cultivation

By Peter Murchland

Are you cultivating the capability your enterprise needs for the future? How do you know…

Featured Image for Banning IT Projects

Banning IT Projects

By Peter Murchland

Back in 2012, I attended an IT Governance seminar where Jane Treadwell, former CIO for…

Featured Image for Liquid Talent Pool part 1

Liquid Talent Pool part 1

By Sebastian Haire

Accenture, Deloitte, KPMG, EY, Grant Thornton, Aon, Mercer… what do all these companies have in-common (other than the obvious fact that…

Featured Image for Enterprise pertinence

Enterprise pertinence

By Peter Murchland

In thinking about the problems that enterprises encounter, certain questions came to mind and the…

Featured Image for Enterprise guidance

Enterprise guidance

By Peter Murchland

In reflecting on various approaches to expressing the design of our enterprises, I have discovered…