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78 The Campions, England, United Kingdom
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About Value Glide

Business Agility Specialists

Value Glide is a specialist company with a proven track record in enabling organisations to effectively, predictably and reliably deliver valuable products or services with higher quality and reduced time to go live.

Value Glide professionals enable your organisation to improve its effectiveness through continuous validated learning. Starting from where you are now and building on your current successes we will help you improve your operational excellence. Resulting in effective people who take pride in their work, deliver better outcomes for themselves, the team, organisation and society.

We study to understand how you work and work in partnership with you to achieve your vision through continually improving the end to end system.

Value Stream – Value Flow – Value Decisions

Our Approach
Acknowledge the organisation’s success, respecting its current roles and titles.

Evolutionary and continual improvement – Follow an agreed approach to evolutionary and continual improvement through application of flow thinking and building an on demand organisation.

Value streaming – Move to an organisational structure based on value streams tuned to responding to customer requests.

Self Sufficiency – Build self-sufficiency within the organisation by embedded working and knowledge transfer to the scouts and champions who will demonstrate how the new ways of working create an organisation that achieves its goals



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