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133 W 19th St 7th Floor 133 W 19th St 7th Floor, New York, NY, United Kingdom
+1 646-330-4636
  • Size: Medium
  • Coverage: International
  • Year founded: 2003

About Tigerspike

Tigerspike is a global digital products company that delivers business value, fast. We blend technology with human expertise to create products that improve people’s lives. Our five underlying values encompass what it means to work at Tigerspike: Transparency, Resilience, Problem-Solving, Energy and Curiosity.

We’ve joined the Concentrix family and are accelerating our focus on People, Practice and Product: We recruit the best people and create small product teams, which results in great chemistry that can solve even the toughest business problems. Our people work closely with our customers to find the best possible human-centred solutions.

Catalyst, our problem-solving practice, aligns teams and focuses them on success by rapidly validating assumptions. This helps businesses to prioritise and make confident, informed decisions.
We believe in efficiency coming from simplifying data complexity; this is why we developed Intelligence, a product which focuses on key data points. It provides real-time insights to enable businesses to track change and understand the ROI impact on decisions made.

With a team spanning 9 global offices and counting, we are excited to continue supporting businesses the Tigerspike Way.


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