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About Synereo

Synereo is a company developing software tools and solutions for the attention economy based on decentralized organizational principles, set to create a fairer, freer Internet.

Synereo’s primary mission is placing the value generated by Internet denizens in their own hands. We achieve this by assigning them full ownership and control of their networks and information, providing them with the tools to interface with others directly and without intermediaries.

Synereo sees User Generated Content as the cornerstone of a future Peer-to-Peer media market and strives to establish a new and fairer UGC business model to compete with existing outlets, aiming to empower independent journalists, artists, and bloggers, rather than the platforms tucked between them and their audiences.

Synereo’s using a digital currency system to reward users for the value they create as they produce quality content or share it with their networks. As a result, the time individual users spend on the Synereo Network is socially, economically, and spiritually incomparable. The AMP, Synereo’s cryptocurrency, is traded at high volumes in exchanges worldwide. The company holds hundreds of millions of dollars worth of AMPs, ready to be used to extend and empower the network.

In their “Cool Vendors in Blockchain Applications” 2017 report, Gartner, one of the world’s largest research and advisory firms, listed Synereo as one of the top five promising companies in the decentralization space for 2017.



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