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Floor 4, 144a Clerkenwell Road, London, United Kingdom
+44 20 7193 6752
  • Employees: 50
  • Year founded: 2011

About Seldon

Organisations are looking to machine learning to reduce costs and increase revenue, improve the customer experience and make better decisions. But skilled ML engineers, data scientists, data engineers are in short supply, and building and maintaining ML infrastructure takes resource away from building better models.

Seldon is a machine learning deployment platform. It includes a containerised data science infrastructure stack with an optimisation engine that helps data science teams innovate faster. Organisations keep full ownership and control of their data and models on-premise or in the cloud.

Seldon has two products:
* Seldon Core – open-source machine learning deployment platform built on Kubernetes. Over 10k Docker Hub pulls, 1000 stars and 200 forks on Github; engaged and organically growing developer community. Fork us on Github:
* Seldon Deploy – machine learning deployment workflows for teams. Includes approvals, audit trails, advanced experiments, continuous deployment (canaries and rolling updates), model explanations (GDPR), new UX/UI. Enterprise SaaS product that deploys models to Seldon Core clusters; beta coming H2 2017. Apply for the beta:

Seldon are co-organisers of TensorFlow London – a community of 1400+ data scientists and ML engineers


Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning

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