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  • Lippincott

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    Lippincott is a global creative consultancy. We bring to our clients’ toughest challenges the acumen, rigor and preparedness of a premier business consulting firm — and the spirit, courage and imagination of a world-class innovation and design agency.

  • Nordkapp

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    Nordkapp is a product design and transformation agency with offices in Helsinki and Amsterdam. We help companies to become the next, better versions of themselves by capturing the future into forward looking strategies, products, services and technology. Find out more about Nordkapp

  • OTRA Consulting

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    Over the last five years we were following a different consulting approach than most management consultancies – that is why we are called OTRA. We focus on bringing your organisation performance to the next level — to a high-performance organisation — by using the unused capacities of the frontline through empowerment, hence motivating them.

  • ProjectOne

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    Project One are the UK’s largest independent consultancy specialising in leading complex change. Working across the UK, we are trusted to deliver business-critical and complex change to some of the UK’s largest companies. Find out more about ProjectOne

  • Real World Group

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    Since 2001, Real World Group has been enabling organisations to maximise their potential through enhancing engaging leadership, team working and culture. Through our investment in research, we are market-leaders in understanding what practical things individuals and teams can do to achieve transformational change – and a win-win between people and the vision.

  • RZ Consulting

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    RZ consulting established in 2011 , now present in Africa, Europe and Middle East, focusing on Transforming corporates from various industries to enable the power of Digital and get the most of it. Key areas of focus: * Transformation * Strategy Delivery * Solution Integration * Coaching * Events & Keynotes RZ supports in organisational, systems transformation to enable new operating models and smoothly assist in migration to new markets. RZ aims at enabling the digital change resulting in boosting core business, this includes but not limited to smart service enablement, Agility and project delivery differentiated methods.


    View Profile leads the evolution and maturity of Scrum to improve the profession of software development, up to the level of the enterprise agility of organizations. strives to provide all of the tools and resources needed by Scrum practitioners and experts in agility to deliver value using Scrum. Find out more about

  • Serious Software

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    We, at Serious Software, strive to ensure you get modern and responsive outsourcing and IT services.