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  • Actinista

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    We help businesses make change. We work with you to identify what the right change is and the right way of making that change.

  • ADD Strategy

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    Our community is an eclectic of high profile and experienced interim managers and consultants who aspire to achieve great things together. 

    Our professional interim managers and consultants work UK wide and sometimes overseas, pooling resources, expertise and common values. We offer a discrete portfolio of specialists in research, marketing, business innovation and change management with proven track record and tools to help you explore opportunities, develop effective approaches, adapt and grow.

  • After Digital

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    After Digital (formerly AD) is a multi award-winning, strategic digital agency operating internationally and specialising in digital transformation consultancy.

  • Agile Elephant

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    Agile Elephant is a digital transformation and social business consultancy specialising in culture change management, digital and social collaboration solutions and connecting social tools directly to your core business process.

  • Agilisys

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    Agilisys Professional Services Ltd. provides information technology and business process services. Find out more about Agilisys

  • AKQA

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    AKQA is the ideas and innovation company that uses the imaginative application of art and science to create ideas, products and services. The company is currently home to over 1,600 employees in 13 offices around the world.

  • AlixPartners

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    Our clients include corporate boards and management, law firms, investment banks, investors and others who appreciate the candor, dedication and transformative expertise of our teams. We’ll ensure insight drives action at that exact moment that is critical for success. When it really matters.

  • AllChange Strategic Consulting

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    AllChange Strategic Consulting is a boutique strategic change consultancy. We have deep expertise in Corporate Vision, Strategy Visualization and Business Simplification.