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About NetIQ

NetIQ is a global enterprise software company that meets the demands of today’s IT environments by leveraging The Power of Identity™ with a wide range of proven solutions for identity, access, security and data center management.

Today’s hybrid IT infrastructures are creating new challenges for business and IT leaders. IT services are now being delivered across an increasingly fragmented combination of physical, virtual and cloud environments. These services are being accessed from an expanding number of locations on a growing variety of devices. As a result, organizations like yours often struggle to manage constant change, growing complexity and organizational risk—while still embracing the business value that can be achieved by leveraging innovations like cloud computing and mobile technologies.

So how do you keep access to IT services simple, while preventing unauthorized or risky user activity—all in the context of where and how users are connecting? That’s where NetIQ comes in. Our broad portfolio of solutions helps you manage the complexity of hybrid environments to ensure that the right people have the right level of access to the IT services they need, whenever they need them. With NetIQ, you can incorporate new technologies and services more securely, faster and with less effort. And our solutions help you understand what is going on in your environment—in real time—so you can mitigate risk while still taking advantage of opportunities.

This means that you can secure, manage and measure what matters most to your organization. Even more important, this new level of clarity will create new opportunities—and competitive advantage—by enabling you to clearly understand, maintain and make sense of the shifting relationships between individuals, devices and behaviors. That’s what we call the Identity-Powered Enterprise and it’s how you can drive the successful business outcomes that will deliver ongoing value to your organization.


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