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30725 US Highway 19 North, Palm Harbor, FL, 30338, United States
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About Msight Analytics

We make analytics work for our clients by helping our clients convert data into data-driven insights then into a real impact.

Much of the development of an analytics capabilities has focused on the acquisition of the tools and skill sets rather than the strategic development of roles, functions, and processes. This often results in unmet expectations and unrealized ROIs, leading to siloed, overworked and underleveraged capabilities at best, disillusionment and distrust at worst.

We help clients realize and improve the results from their data and analytics efforts by focusing on the following:

• Actionable strategic insights through the use of data
• Data strategy for understanding and maximizing value of existing and new data sources
• Development of enterprise capability and capacity in data and analytics
• Standards, processes, and best practices for data and analytics tailored to the specific business environment

Our goal is to help clients better leverage analytics to further their business goals, using a collaborative approach for better adoption and proper knowledge transfer. Our services include:

• Gap analysis and roadmapping
• Workshop and training
• Facilitation of brainstorming sessions
• Advisory services
• Analytical project design and delivery (analysis execution, model development, independent review, etc.)

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