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MDSec Consulting Limited

Brookside Mill 14-16 Brook Street, Macclesfield, AL, United Kingdom
+44 1625 263503
  • Employees: 10
  • Year founded: 2011

About MDSec Consulting Limited

MDSec are a UK based consultancy with a passion for information security. The consultancy team comprises of best of breed, experienced consultants who specialise in application, mobile and hardware security and targeted red team attacks.

MDSec partners with the UK government’s technical authority CESG to offer security services to the UK government under the CHECK service and Bank of England & CREST to offer simulated attacks under the CBEST framework.

MDSec was founded on the principles of education and knowledge transfer. Our training courses are a regular fixture at security conferences, including 44Con, HackInTheBox, BlackHat, Ruxcon, and OWASP AppSec.

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