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  • Year founded: 2014

About Marionete

Marionete provides the highly skilled resource to help our clients get the most out of their data. Using Data Science, Big Data and DevOps, our specialist teams work with clients to monetise data, meet regulation and provide customer insight.

We pride ourselves on the exceptionally high calibre of our employees, each of whom is experienced, educated and vendor certified as standard, specialising in our three core deliverables- DevOps, Big Data and Data Science.

Our ability to innovate and excel is additionally supported by our impressive partner network, which include some of the biggest and brightest names in our sector. Our network brings added insight, wider expertise and vendor knowledge, helping to provide you with solutions to your project’s challenges.

Marionete operates an enterprise-ready service model known as ‘Team as a Service’ or ‘TaaS’. We scale our resource to your project and provide you with the control to extend or reduce our consultants to deliver the project thereby helping to optimise your project’s budget. Our consultants are able to integrate with your existing team- either on-site, near-site or a hybrid of the two. Ultimately, we’re locked into the delivery or your data project with you.

With a combination of our high worth consultants, corporate partners and flexible enterprise service model, Marionete is exceptionally positioned to guide your business in getting the most out of your data- value, profit and insight.


Big Data, DevOps

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