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72 Templehill, Troon, United Kingdom
+44 1292 317311
  • Year founded: 2006

About Maidsafe

MaidSafe is a Scottish technology company who are implementing a decentralised computing network to compliment and potentially replace the data centres and servers that currently store and manage all our data. Storing data in central points, such as servers, makes data vulnerable to eavesdropping, susceptible to single points of failure and present a centralised location for adversaries to attack.

The software being created by MaidSafe links together the spare computing resources of the network’s users to create a global data and communications network upon which it is possible to run any current web service including; messaging, email, storage, social networks, VOIP and many more. All these applications will have one thing in common, they will be completely private and secure.

This new network is called the Secure Access For Everyone (SAFE) Network.

The open source SAFE Network will enable application developers to create and launch applications across all platforms on an open API where all the infrastructure costs are provided by the network’s users. An internal and automated reward system, called safecoin, provides an in-built revenue stream.



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