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Morrisville, NC, United States
  • Size: Medium
  • Year founded: 2000

About Jaggaer

JAGGAER offers the only comprehensive and complete spend solution suites enabling commerce between any businesses, anywhere. We pioneered spend solutions over two decades ago and have continued to lead the innovation curve by listening to customers and analyzing the market. Our solutions suites are trusted by the world’s largest higher education, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, life sciences, automotive, engineering, construction equipment, serial production and medical technology companies. Our indirect and direct spend solutions suites collectively form a global network processing billions of dollars in annual spend between 1,000+ customers and 2.5 million suppliers. JAGGAER’s SaaS based, Source to Pay (S2P) solutions enable an efficient relationship between buyers and suppliers, covering the entire spectrum of needs, from spend analysis to sourcing, through contract and supplier relationship management. Additionally, JAGGAER holds 38 patents, more than any other spend management company, and acquired POOL4TOOL, a direct solutions company, in 2017. Learn how our solutions can power your organization. www.jaggaer.com.


SRM - Supplier Relationship Management, eSourcing, eCollaboration - Project Management, Supply Chain Management, Manufacturing Procurement, SAP Integration, and eProcurement

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