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9913 Sugarwood Court, Manassas, VA, 20110, United States
  • Year founded: 2007

About Dito

Dito is a full-service cloud advisory and services firm providing sales, development, change management, and ongoing customer success services to organizations interested in moving to & operating in the cloud. Since 2008 we’ve been helping organizations change the way they do business by moving to the cloud, and more specifically to Google Cloud enterprise solutions (G Suite Business, Chrome OS & devices, Google Maps, Cloud Platform) and complimentary service providers. From on-site transformation labs, IT security assessments, lift-and-shift cloud deployments, to location-aware mobile app development, we take great pride in fulfilling our role as your cloud advisor and system integrator. Our customers’ success and satisfaction stands above all else. We’ll make going Google the easiest deployment you’ve done, and staying the easiest IT decision you’ll make.

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