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Check post, Haifa, Israel
  • Employees: 50
  • Year founded: 2014

About Cronus Cyber Technologies

Cronus Cyber Technologies is a global provider of Automated Penetration Testing solutions called CyBot. CyBot provides a live map of validated Attack Path Scenarios on a global scale so you can efficiently focus on the vulnerabilities that threaten your core business process.

Our patented technology imitates human ethical hacker operating practices to discover, predict, analyze, and mitigate the risk of sophisticated cyber attacks – all in real-time.

Visualize your entire network, both local and global in one map and see your vulnerabilities with your own eyes. Gain business insights and save millions by preventing the next attack.

By deploying Cronus technology, enterprises can accurately evaluate their resiliency against cyber threats; and proactively adjust their security protection strategies to mitigate the risks. When deployed in global, multi-site enterprises, information can even be shared across sites to depict global attack path scenarios.

We offer enterprises a free trial. If you are an IT manager, CIO or CSO, get yours today and evaluate your organization’s resiliency against sophisticated cyber threats.

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