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15B Herlev Hovedgade, Herlev, 2730, Denmark
+1 201-507-2807
  • Employees: 50
  • Year founded: 2014

About Coinify

Coinify ApS operates as a blockchain payment service provider (bPSP) with focus on extending blockchain currency payment processing and trading services to merchants and consumers respectively. Coinify serves global Payment Service Providers, online businesses, physical shops, and individuals. Coinify is a dominant player on the European market and is continuously expanding into Asian and global market. Coinify established the ‘Innovation Lab’ to build various blockchain-based Proof-of-Concepts for financial institutions (such as Nets). Sign up for a free account at or find out more information about Coinify at

Coinify Merchants
Coinify Merchants solution supports 14 blockchain including bitcoin globally with an option to receive payouts in local currencies. Custom API and shopping cart plugins enable seamless integration for online businesses, while the physical shops can use the Coinify POS mobile application for on-site payments.

Coinify Enterprise
Our technology and legal platform has been created specifically to serve the needs of Payment Service Providers. Your merchants can accept blockchain currencies and get paid in euros, dollars, kroner etc. in own bank account within a few days. No setup cost and no more chargebacks – a Coinify blockchain payment is final and guaranteed.

Coinify Trade
Trade customers can buy and sell bitcoin using their credit card or via bank transfers in their local currency, as well as enjoy the advantages connected with increased volumes in the form of four account levels.



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