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San Jose, CA, 95110, United States
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  • Year founded: 2010

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CloudBees is the hub of enterprise Jenkins and DevOps, providing companies with smarter solutions for automating software development and delivery. CloudBees is the continuous delivery (CD) leader. CloudBees provides solutions that enable DevOps teams to respond rapidly to the software delivery needs of the business. Building on the strength of Jenkins, the world’s most popular open-source continuous delivery hub and ecosystem, the CloudBees Jenkins Platform provides a wide range of CD solutions that meet the unique security, scalability and manageability needs of enterprises. The CloudBees Jenkins Platform supports many of the world’s largest and most business-critical deployments.It has received a Modern Infrastructure Impact Award for Best DevOps Tool. Open-source Jenkins is practically synonymous with DevOps-style continuous integration and test-driven development.The CloudBees Jenkins Platform takes that foundational toolset and makes it enterprise-worthy.


Virtual Reality, DevOps

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