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New York, NY, 10010, United States
+1 339-608-4081
  • Employees: 50
  • Year founded: 2013

About Clarifai

Clarifai is headquartered in New York City and was founded in 2013 by Matthew Zeiler to bring the world’s best image recognition technology to market. Our first image recognition systems held the top 5 spots for classifying objects in images in the ImageNet 2013 competition. Since then Clarifai’s deep learning systems have improved orders of magnitude in speed, vocabulary size, memory footprint and have expanded beyond images to extract knowledge from all forms of data. The hub of Clarifai’s technology is a high performance deep learning API on which a new generation of intelligent applications is being built. It enables Clarifai to combat everyday problems with high tech solutions by providing the most powerful machine learning systems to everyone in new and innovative ways. Clarifai helps users make the most of their data by making it easier to find, organize, analyze, and share!


Artificial Intelligence

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