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  • Year founded: 2007

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We work with you to build your startup, modernize & rebuild your technology, and help you enter new markets with new products. We advise you on all facets of your product — from engineering to marketing — helping you make informed decisions along the way. In 2014 Citrusbyte partnered with AT&T and worked to build the foundation for our vision of the future — a vision that we share with the engineering community at large called the “Internet-of-Things” (IoT.) This foundation would enable tens of thousands of developers to connect 17 million devices that are spread across the world, and this foundation took the form of a web-based IoT platform called AT&T M2X backed by a powerful API. We helped AT&T design and build a full suite of developer tools and documentation for their Internet of Things data storage service, powering the next generation of IoT projects.



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