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7 Eastgate, Leeds, United Kingdom
+44 113 399 4000
  • Year founded: 1994

About CDS UK

CDS is an agency that enables strategic change in organisations and businesses to create and build better services to meet the evolving needs of customers, employees and citizens.

Change requires knowing where to start, what to fix first, and how to get back on track when things are not going according to plan. We simplify complexity so that you can make informed decisions and quickly gain value by improving user engagement and experience.

Our subject matter experts deliver technical enablement, operational transformation, experience transformation and business process outsourcing. We cover everything from digital to insight and print challenges in the pursuit of improved outcomes throughout the value chain. As a result, many of the largest and most complex organisations in the UK trust CDS to deliver solutions that improve health, wealth and safety in our society.

Our service areas are:

Technical enablement

Operational transformation

Experience transformation

Business process outsourcing

Our services are listed here:


digital solutions, Intranets/extranets, print management, content creation, BI, CMS, marketing, branding, design, mobile solutions, digital print, UX, digital transformation, apps, creative services, consultancy & strategy, hybrid mail, Hybrid mail, transactional print, behavioural research, low code, system integration, umbraco, microstrategy, sisense, panintelligence, accessibility, inclusivity, Business process management, case management, sitecore, customer experience, customer research, inclusivity, data, analytics, appian, AI, Machine Learning, Optimizely, Experience transformation, Technical enablement, Business process outsourcing, and Operational transformation

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