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  • Year founded: 2008

About Cannon Gray LCC

Cannon Gray is a marketing science and analytics company that partners with clients, marketing research agencies, consultants and ad agencies located in many regions of the world. Advanced Analytics and consultation are provided for a broad range of quantitative marketing research, including:

– Consumer Segmentation
– Market Response Modeling
– Demand Forecasting
– Key Driver Analysis
– Pricing Research
– Data Mining and Predictive Analytics

Also offered are:

– Discrete Choice Modeling
– MaxDiff Analysis
– Ad Hoc Modeling
– Experimental Designs
– Consultation on Research Design
– Coaching and Training
– Review/Integration of Past Research
– Analysis of Internal/External Data Bases

Let’s briefly sum up Cannon Gray’s philosophy. Technical proficiency by itself will not make one a competent marketing scientist. Marketing science calls upon diverse skills, such as being able to partner with marketers and help them see the big picture and anticipate key decisions they’ll have to make. Most critically, marketing scientists must deliver knowledge and insights that facilitate cost-effective and profitable decisions. This is Cannon Gray’s focus, not number crunching. Each project is tailored to address specific marketing issues and to the country or countries being researched.

See for some brief examples of our work and for recent articles about marketing research.

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