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Blue Telecom Consulting

Santa Leonor, nº 65 , Edif. C · 4th fl., Madrid, 28037, Spain
+34 91 754 04 44
  • Employees: 100
  • Size: Boutique
  • Year founded: 2005

About Blue Telecom Consulting

For over a decade Blue Telecom Consulting (BlueTC ®) has provided innovative solutions and services aimed at evolving and optimising telecom networks. We work with operators, network equipment manufacturers, system integrators and and enterprises that employ IoT Technologies in their operations and/or products and services.

The company works within the following main areas of business:

– Active and Passive Service Monitoring and Assurance
– Network & Performance Analytics
– IMS/VoLTE Network Security and Conformance Audits
– System and Operational Automation & Optimisation.

Established in Madrid in 2005, we have offices in Spain, Sweden and the UK and through partners also cover Latin America. BlueTC serves customers worldwide through a range of collaboration and project delivery models.


M2M Active Monitoring Solution, M2M Aware Networks Suite, Network & System Analytics Stack, Network Audit and Signaling Services, IMS / VoLTE Services, IMS Security Audits and IDS - NFV Security, Testing Automation, and Telecom Product Development & Consultancy.

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