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22nd Main, HSR Layout ,Sector -2, Bengaluru, 560102, India
  • Employees: 50
  • Year founded: 2014

About Auxesis Group

Auxesis group is a technical innovation company with advance competency in FinTech and Blockchain Technology. Working for the development of new innovative technological solutions by providing a balance between technology and economic sustainability for the start-ups. Currently, the company is working with IIT Bombay Entrepreneurship Cell & European Incubator (SEED) start-ups projects from idea until there Transformation Phase.

We are powering a number of distributed ledger applications globally to revolutionize Banking, Insurance, Supply Chain and Capital Markets industry with our constant research and development. From Wallets to Exchanges, Fundraisers to Game Tokens, Smart Contracts to Insurance claim settlement. We can help you with your next big idea in Fintech.

We are always experimenting in collaboration with Blockchain Lab, London, Multichain, E-Cell IIT Bombay to find better use cases for other industries. Our current initiative includes Banking, Remittance, Insurance, Supply Chain, Event, and Ticketing industry while Pharmaceuticals, Luxury Goods, Gambling are under consideration.



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