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About Adversitement

Driven by our passion for the digital world, Adversitement unconditionally believes in Digital Transparency. For us, it is the most essential condition for long term relationships and loyalty, which are based on trust and mutual interest. For the world as one and for every individual. Digital Transparency guides us in everything we think and do.

We are dedicated to innovation and discovering Big Data opportunities. Our goal is to make advanced digital sources available and applicable for everyone. Therefore we cooperate with leading knowledge institutes, visionary companies and bright individuals.

We focus on empowering pro-active data driven companies towards digital business excellence

Additionally, we do our utmost to help develop and improve:
– Trusted digital experiences for internet users
– The facilitation of a secure infrastructure by regulators

Our core business is all about the guaranteed availability of excellent digital data and the realisation of this multidisciplinary process.

We work with over 150 active clients using today’s best possible solutions (e.g. Vodafone, ING, Disney,, Conrad and BBC Worldwide). In 2010 & 2011, Adversitement was designated Adobe’s “Best Value Added Partner EMEA”. In 2012, we won Adobe’s “Digital Marketing Partner of the Year” award.

Adversitement also advises on and implements solutions related to other key partners, such as, IBM, ADOBE, O2MC, Tealium,

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