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Chicago, IL, 60606, United States
  • Employees: 50
  • Year founded: 2010

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10th Magnitude helps businesses transform with innovative, cloud-based solutions that harness the power of Microsoft Azure. We combine elements from multiple deep cloud competencies as well as the most efficient and innovative technology tools and platforms to help clients become more agile, more customer-focused and more operationally efficient. 10th Magnitude uses cloud-enabled DevOps, incorporating Chef automation tools, continuous delivery techniques and Azure auto-monitoring/auto-remediation capabilities to make your business-critical software and supporting infrastructure flexible, scalable and trustworthy. DevOps describes the process and outcomes of adjusting software development and deployment processes as well as organizational interactions so that software can be changed, delivered and deployed quickly and easily. Rapidly adjustable software and infrastructure let your business deliver products and services to customers more effectively than ever before.


Virtual Reality, DevOps

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