Upcoming Meetings in AI, Analytics, Big Data, Data Science, Deep Learning, Machine Learning: April and Beyond

Here are 140+ upcoming meetings and conferences, for April 2018 and beyond.

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top countries: top US states: top cities:

  • San Francisco: 19
  • London: 13
  • Las Vegas: 11
  • New York, Boston: 8
  • Singapore, Chicago: 5
  • Toronto: 4
  • Stockholm, Santa Clara: 3

top keywords

  • AI | Artificial Intelligence: 42
  • Analytics: 26
  • Big Data: 19
  • Data Science: 16
  • Machine Learning: 14
  • Predictive Analytics, Deep Learning: 8
  • Data Mining, 7
  • Business Analytics, 3

Color code: Business-Oriented meetings in Blue, Research meetings (with calls for papers and program committee) in green

April: Americas

April: Asia and Australia

April: Europe and Middle East

May: Americas

May: Asia and Australia

May: Europe and Middle East

June: Americas

June: Asia and Australia

June: Europe

July: Americas

July: Europe

August: Americas

August: AsiaAugust: Europe and Middle East

September: Americas

September: Asia

September: Europe

October: Americas

October: Europe

November: Americas

November: AsiaNovember: Europe

December: Americas

December: Europe


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