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How one employee turned a customer into a brand ambassador, a photographer focused on experience, and how a luggage company dealt with surprise regulations.

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  • How one employee can turn a customer into a brand ambassador.
  • Why wedding photography is about more than just the photos.
  • One smart luggage company’s response to shifting regulations.
  • The improvements customers are looking for in the B2B experience.

DISSECTING THE EXPERIENCE: Wedding Day [03:58-11:13]

This week on the show, we’re hearing from listeners about their experiences. First up, we have Nate Brown, a CX professional who leads the CX Accelerator and also runs a wedding photography passion project with his spouse on the side. His customer recently reached out to say how wonderful a job they did-without even having seen the pictures yet-because they provided such a great experience.

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  • The customer experience begins way before the product or service is delivered.
  • When you are in a service business that caters to major life events like weddings or birthdays, remember that it’s all about the customer.
  • Don’t be afraid to share your successes-consumers value ratings and reviews highly when they make purchasing decisions.

THIS JUST HAPPENED: Banana Republic [11:13-18:46]

If you remember episode 25, we talked about Dan’s friend, Chris Strub, who wrote 50 States, 100 Days. Recently, he’s been using video to chronicle his customer experiences and had a standout time at a Banana Republic. We look at how a retail worker went above and beyond to help him find an inexpensive pair of pants and made Chris a brand ambassador.

Best customer service experience I’ve had all year, here at @BananaRepublic @WaltWhitmanShop in Huntington, NY. Major shoutout to manager Joel – as well as the team in Harrisburg, PA – for going way above and beyond for me. It’s much appreciated. #custserv

– Chris Strub (@ChrisStrub) February 24, 2018

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  • It only takes one great employee to make a customer’s experience remarkable.
  • You never know who your customer is, so treat everyone like they can be a brand ambassador.
  • When customers sing your praises on social media, always respond and show your appreciation.

CX PRESS: Away Luggage [18:47-26:50]

We were pointed to an article by Grant Martin for Forbes called “Airline Smart Luggage Ban Goes Into Effect,” which served as a springboard for friend-of-the-podcast Lauren Fast to share her experience with Away Luggage. Their solution to the sudden problem created for their customers left her impressed, and she explains why.

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  • Sometimes industry or government regulations are going to throw a wrench in your plans, so get creative, and don’t let that destroy your business.
  • Technology is so advanced today that it can solve almost any problem. Away used that to help customers with the airline ban.
  • Treat your customers well, and they can become brand ambassadors-and so much more.

CHECK OUT THIS NUMBER: 56% [26:52-31:14]

56% of buyers feel there is a gap between traditional B2B buying experiences and their evolving needs. We talk about the opportunities for improvement that exist in the business-to-business buying market.

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    Customers want more flexibility, better digitization, and timely delivery across regions in the B2B market.

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