The Little Things You Can Do to Create Surprise and Delight

How one company lets you use snail mail to create surprise and delight for your customers, the little things that can make a big impact on the experience, and what blockchain means for the future of CX.

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  • Why attention to the little things is what creates surprise and delight for your customers.
  • A company that gives you the chance to use mementos to make a lasting impression.
  • Blockchain and the future of CX.
  • Why the customer experience glass is half full for some CX leaders, and half empty for others.

SAY WHAT?!: Punkpost [01:08-11:56]

If you have a work email address, you know that it’s common to get a hundred emails or more in a day, and that the emails from salespeople wind up in the digital garbage can. In Dan’s article for Forbes, “3 Ways to Stand Out From All the Other Salespeople,” he suggests snail mail as a way to create surprise and delight and stand out from the crowd. We look at Punkpost, a company that will send custom-made, handwritten cards on your behalf.

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  • Snail mail stands out in the sea of emails, and if you’re in sales, you have to do something to stand out.
  • Handwritten notes are a great way to be personal.
  • Using a service like Punkpost can create surprise and delight and makes for a remarkable customer experience.

CX PRESS: Blockchain [11:58-21:46]

This week we’re looking at the article “How Blockchain Could Transform The Customer Experience,” by Kaye Chapman of Comm100 for Customer Think. We dig into what blockchain is and how it will impact CX in the future, and we even hear from the author herself.

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  • Blockchain technology is already here, and we need to be aware of it because it’ll affect the customer experience of tomorrow.
  • Anything that makes customer experience easier is worth paying attention to.
  • Security and privacy are so critical right now, which makes them huge contributors to the customer experience.

THIS JUST HAPPENED: How Night Lights Can Create Surprise and Delight [21:47-29:43]

We stay in a lot of hotels, so naturally, we tend to pick up on the little things, like whether or not you can actually fill the iron in the sink. However, we also notice those personal touches that create surprise and delight-things someone would only think of if they had actually slept in that room.

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  • The little things matter; they create surprise and delight because they’re also memorable.
  • When you’re staying in a hotel, safety matters.
  • Memorable experiences demonstrate a real understanding of walking in the customer’s shoes.

CHECK OUT THIS NUMBER: 47% [29:45-33:35]

47% of modern customer experience leaders are considered optimists-they say their current CX strategy isn’t performing at its best, but they’re preparing for the future. On the other hand, 43% of modern customer experience leaders say they are skeptical of their current CX strategy. They think that it’s under-performing, and that they’re not prepared for the future. This comes from the infographic, “Are All Modern CX Leaders Skeptics?”

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    Whether you’re an optimist or a skeptic, it’s important to recognize that customer experience is really difficult because so much is changing all of the time.

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