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The 4 Indispensable Pillars of Effective Digital Marketing Feldman Creative
Success on your content marketing journey
Content marketing is forever dynamic. Every company will have different
objectives, challenges, and approaches. No perfect formula exists.
However, as varied as content marketing programs may be, a
commonality exists for every effective one. Focus on the final word:
Content marketing programs should grow your business. So before we
move on to the all-important topic of search engine optimization, here are
some ideas to behold along your content marketing journey.
Inspire conversation. Your company blog (and your content otherwise)
should not only attract readers, but also engage them.
Qualify and disqualify. Though the content your audience will be most
receptive to won’t be explicitly promotional, consider how it frames your
business. It should be relevant and attractive to the right audience and
help others disqualify themselves when ill fitted for your products and
Nurture. Content should take prospects and customers on a journey.

* Content aimed at first-timers should move them to a more engaged
stage of interest.
* Interested prospects should be nurtured to evaluate your solutions.
* Evaluators should be led to the checkout counter, so to speak.
* The goal is to use content to create more sales-ready leads.
Call for action. Smart marketing invokes action. Give your prospects
specific directions. Every page or piece you publish should have an “ask.”
Build advocates. Content marketing should extend beyond the sale. By
continuously distributing useful content, you foster loyalty and strive to
create a legion of brand advocates.


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