Simplifying Data Center Services: One Support Vendor to Rule Them All

According to a PwC study 1, 73 percent of enterprises have a multivendor data center strategy. Meanwhile, 77 percent of large companies rely on multiple data center services vendors. Thanks to convergence, many data centers operate virtualized workloads that run on commodity hardware. Improved integration has given companies the leverage to avoid vendor lock-in, get more out of legacy hardware and move many workloads into the cloud.

While the democratization of cloud and on-premises commodity hardware and virtualization may open up purchasing options, it can also lead to a complex web of relationships with many data center support services providers. Increasingly, enterprises are consolidating their support services vendors in order to manage and integrate multiple products more easily.

Why Consolidate Data Center Services?

When an application breaks, it’s much easier to call one vendor that can fix everything than to try to get five vendors on the same page. As your company enters the new year, consider forming a solid relationship with one partner that can manage a range of data center issues.

This vendor should have the expertise to manage a diverse environment filled with a variety of equipment and applications. They should ensure that one data center plays nicely with the others, whether that’s with your other on-premises facilities or your cloud services providers.

An effective support vendor can:

  • Alleviate day-to-day support burdens on your IT team by delivering high-quality service desk outsourcing.
  • Become a single point of contact for all your IT needs.
  • Ensure that applications and equipment from multiple vendors work together to deliver optimal data center function and a comprehensive service catalog.
  • Help you to move forward with new data center technologies.

Today’s vendors deliver the most value when they become strategic partners, providing excellent customer service, ongoing post-sales support and assistance with meeting your company’s unique goals.

A Coherent Approach to Security

Data exists in many places within your organization and travels far beyond your data center walls. It’s stored on equipment that employees use to access your data. It also lives with third-party vendors, some of which you may not even know about.

Most enterprises have network assets in many places, including on-premises data centers, cloud services and even Internet of Things devices in the middle of the ocean. All this data has to be protected – and more importantly, it needs to be transformed from random bytes into something of strategic value. A good data center services provider knows where your data lives, ensures it’s protected in compliance with critical regulations and advises you on how to gain value from everything that you’re generating and storing.

Simplicity Leads to Scale

With the right data center services provider, you can blend a flawless support strategy with a strategic vision for your future. A strong data center support strategy goes beyond fixing things when they break; it’s about working with a provider that adds strategic value.


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