New Retail Technology Calls for Enhanced IT Support

It’s not your mother’s retail experience anymore. Today’s retail technology is markedly different from when millennials were children. From virtual assistants to virtual reality showrooms, retailers are pulling out all the stops in their efforts to gain customers and win their loyalty.

However, too much of a good thing can create an operational nightmare for retail IT teams. In order to successfully implement digital transformation, retailers will need proper IT support.

Leveraging AI and Geolocation

Mobile devices have empowered consumers to shop for the products they want, when and where they want it. Consumers now expect brands to provide top-notch personalized customer experiences.

Retailers are more than willing to invest in personalization. This technology allows companies to view historical, geographic and demographic customer data and create insightful marketing campaigns. To take advantage of this information, retailers must first coalesce, clean and analyze massive amounts of data. Artificial technology eases this process by automatically analyzing huge amounts of data.

Digital signs can display the latest deals to entice customers to step inside. Once inside the store, geolocation shopping allows customers to use their mobile devices as guides, directing them to the products they want. Geolocation can also forward notifications on deals to customers’ mobile devices as they drive by the store.

Before we know it, Internet of Things devices such as refrigerators will alert stores that a product is running low and automatically trigger the next purchase. Consumers will continue to expect that retailers’ websites and mobile apps are intuitive, informative and responsive.

New Technologies Require IT Support

In order to stay apace with the digital revolution, retailers must raise their IT budgets year over year. They must also integrate new technologies and ensure everything fits together in their IT environments. IT support services can help retailers design optimized, cost-effective data centers and cloud architectures that are resilient against natural disasters and prepared to bounce back from cyberincidents and other outages. With cloud, network and tech support, retailers can effectively manage the vast complexity of integrating new technologies.

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