New Poll: Will society become better from increased automation, AI, and Machine Learning?

New KDnuggets Poll is asking:

What will be the impact on Society of increased Automation, AI, and Machine Learning?

Recent global survey found that most people expect humans will grow to trust and even love AI, with 61% saying that society will become better with increased automation and AI.

A large share of KDnuggets readers is actually working on AI and Machine Learning, so to see what the experts think we ask the same question and also ask the readers to indicate their level of experience developing AI, Machine Learning, and similar systems.

Here are the poll results: Optimism about AI improving society is high, but drops with experience developing AI systems

See also a recent post by KDnuggets Editor Matthew Mayo The Real “Fear” of AI is Automation Inundation argued that while real AI is a long time away, job loss due to increased automation is already here and is likely to increase soon.

In other related news, Forrester report predicts that

Automation will displace about 25 million jobs in the US by 2027, and create 15 million new ones


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